Tilda received BFI Fellowship 2020

A British Film Institute Fellowship is awarded to individuals in recognition of their outstanding contribution to film or television culture. Initiated in 1983, the BFI’s Silver Jubilee year, BFI Fellowships have been given to film and programme-makers from around the world. This year Tilda Swinton received a BFI Fellowship at the BFI Chair’s annual dinner on 2 March 2020. The award honours and celebrates Tilda’s daringly eclectic and striking talents as a performer and filmmaker. It also recognises her great contribution to film culture, independent film exhibition and philanthropy.

Tilda Swinton said:

“Fellowship and BFI are two of my favourite words. And the beginning and end of the reason I live my life in the cinema in the first place. I am very happy and touched by this honour. And I share it entirely with my beloved filmmaking playmates, living and departed.”

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